Micro Laparoscopy – Invisible Scars

Micro Laparoscopic surgery is the next generation of laparoscopic surgery. The quest to decrease pain and scarring in the process of gaining entry into abdomen for Laparoscopic Surgery has resulted in this new field . Surgery can be virtually scarless with the use of special micro instruments 2.7 mm in diameter. There is less pain associated with Micro laparoscopic surgery and in most cases the only incision required is made through the umbilicus.
Minimally invasive surgery allows you to become more active quickly after your surgery resulting in a more rapid recovery, with minimal pain, allowing faster return to your routine normal life .

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Microlaparoscopy revolutionizes diagnostic laparoscopy. Just as rapid advances in electronics have shrunk computers to a miniscule of their original size, similar advances in optics and surgical instrumentation resulted in new opportunities to diagnose and treat surgical disease.

Previously a standard laparoscope was about 10-12mm in size, (slightly less than 1/2 inch) , but now the recently developed microlaparoscopes are less than 3mm (slightly more than 1/10th of an inch). While earlier small incisions were made inside the umbelicus , now, certain surgical procedures can be performed with only a needle stick. Instruments like small scissors, graspers, biopsy instruments are placed through one or two additional 3mm needles. We perform Diagnostic laparoscopy anda few simple surgical procedures using a local anesthetic and Intravenous sedation . This results in less incisional pain after your surgery. It also reduces anesthetic usage , with no sore throat, and less nausea, thereby resulting in quick return to normal activity.
Pain mapping is another useful microlaparoscopic technique. If you are suffering from chronic pain and previous surgical procedures have not localized the cause, a microlaparoscopic procedure may provide the answer. A microlaparoscopic diagnostic procedure is performed while patient is sedated but responding to verbal stimuli and pain is localised by touching the organs with a probe . This technique will simplify and reduce the cost of diagnosing the cause of pelvic pain. Treatment of Polycystic ovaries, Endometriosis ablation and Tubal ligation for sterilisation are other Gynec procedures apart fron Infertility treatment by Microlaparoscopy.
Primary uses of microlaparoscopy are for diagnostic surgery. But, as new instruments have become available our capabilities have increased. We are very excited to offer our patients microlaparoscopy for Laparoscopic Appendicectomy, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy ( most commonly perfomed operation for Gall bladder stones )and Laparoscopic Hernia repairs .

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